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Almost three decades of extensive use by our customers have proven the effectiveness and safety of Thermax products.

Every Thermax rental location stocks all the supplies you'll need to clean your home or automobile carpet, remove stains and odors, and help your carpet stay clean.

You'll need one of the following cleaning solutions:

Thermax Solutions

  • Sep 900 All-In-One Carpet/Upholstery Soil Extraction Powder
    SEP 900, also soapless, is formulated to meet the demanding cleaning requirements of today's carpets and upholstery. This one cleaning agent does it all, leaving your carpets and upholstery clean and fresh. SEP 900 is safe on New Generation stain resistant and wool carpets. One 16 ounce bottle of SEP 900 powder will make 32 gallons of solution, enough to clean 12 to 13 rooms and a hallway.
16 Oz. Bottle - $11.99    -     Quantity:
50 lbs pail - $189.99    -     Quantity:

9 IN 1 Carpet Cleaner
9 in 1 is an all-in-one proprietary formula that combines the most advanced carpet cleaning technology into one multifunction hyper-concentrated liquid compound. 9 in 1 will pre-treat, spot clean, deodorize, protect and preserve your carpet and upholstery eliminating the need for multiple products.

Quart - $13.99     -     Quantity:
1/2 Gallon - $23.99     -     Quantity:

You may also need one or more of the following:

200 Carpet/Upholstery Spot and Stain Remover
Use the Spot and Stain Remover to clean heavily soiled traffic areas and dissolve stains before carpets are cleaned. Simply spray directly to spots or traffic areas, wait five minutes, then steam clean as usual.

Pint - $5.99   -     Quantity:
5 Gallon Pail - $99.99   -     Quantity:

300 Citrus Mist Carpet Freshner and Deodorizer
Removing soil from carpet often release offensive odors previously trapped in the carpet or an obvious odor may be present even before cleaning. Ideal for pet odors, Citrus Mist 300 removes unpleasant odors from carpet fibers and leaves behind a light, pleasant citrus fragrance. Two ounces of concentrate are used for each gallon of cleaning solution.

Pint - $6.99    -     Quantity:
Quart - $11.99    -     Quantity:
5 Gallon Pail - $99.99    -     Quantity:

Defoamer 400
Defoamer is required when cleaning carpet that was previously cleaned using solutions that leave a soap residue. When steam cleaning, this residue can work its way out of carpet fibers and be reactivated, causing foam in the recovery tank. The result may be dirty cleaning solution overflowing onto your carpet or into the steam cleaner unit's motor. The quantity needed will vary by the amount of residue in the carpet.

Pint - $4.99    -     Quantity:
5 Gallon Pail - $64.99    -     Quantity:

Carpet Protector 8000
Thermax Carpet Protector 8000 penetrates the carpet fibers giving it stain resisting, soil retarding properties. Treated carpets stay clean longer and clean easier in the future. This advanced carpet protection technology is safe for your indoor environment because it is non-hazardous.

- $    -     Quantity:

We stock all models of Thermax commercial machines, accessories, and parts along with the Thermax AF Home Series. We also stock a large selection of quality brands of home vacuum cleaners, accessories, and parts. See our buy section or contact us to discuss your needs.

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